Mediation and Arbitration Centre

The Australian Mediation and Arbitration dispute resolution centre

Mediation and Arbitration Centre

The Australian Mediation and Arbitration dispute resolution centre

Mediation & Arbitration Centre CAN:

Quickly bring experience and expertise to understand and evaluate the situation, problem or challenge both practically and ethically, to:

  • Discuss options with you
  • Develop of Plan for the best way to bring an immediate and binding resolution to the situation
  • Manage the agreed process to guide the achievement of a resolution and any required ‘follow-up’

Mediation & Arbitration Centre WILL:

Provide professional, qualified and legally qualified people who have years of experience in dispute resolution to:

  • Facilitate results focussed meetings
  • Facilitating people and organisations agreeing resolutions of their challenges together (mediation)
  • Actively engaging in processes to guide the development of workable agreements (conciliation).
  • Having a thorough understanding of the situation, providing an opinion or determination of the best way to resolve the situation (arbitration).

Mediation & Arbitration Centre HAS:

  • Years of experience assisting people and organisations move beyond present challenges.  Bringing skill, knowledge and practical experience in finding the best resolution for all involved.
  • Diversity of experience to quickly appreciate your situation and if needed recommend ancillary professional services
  • The ability to bring people together prepared to listen, consider and participate in dispute resolution
  • The resources to manage resolution-focussed processes quickly, efficiently and effectively to produce a lasting agreement which allows all to move forward with their lives and business.

Mediation & Arbitration Centre OFFERS:

  • Experience in developing agreements which are workable and will stand the rigors of time and circumstance.  If needed, to provide ‘follow-up’ to monitor that the agreement is working as it was planned.
  • Breadth of experience to provide a ‘one stop shop’  so that all issues are managed, thereby ensuring that the agreement will be practical and workable and effective thereby avoiding lengthy, costly legal processes.
  • If unavoidable, preparation of the dispute so that court processes focus on the real issues and thereby reduce court time, costs and stress on all parties.

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