Arbitrator Activity

LOCATION of Hearings – CanFLEXIBLE and FINAL avoids lengthy litigation by using Alternative Dispute processes CONVENIENT HEARINGS in PNG or other locations like Cairns, Brisbane or Sydney TME-FRAME and ACTIVITIES to reach a settlement can be agreed with the Arbitrator CERTAIN as parties can agree there will be NO costly appeal process CONFIDENTIAL private process, NO public exposure PARTY AUTONOMY process proceeds in in consultation with parties guided by their lawyers AVAILABLE triggered by Contract between parties and Agreement with

Arbitration Responsiveness

Arbitration is a responsive process which proceeds in consultation with parties guided by their lawyers. The Arbitrator assists the parties by working with them to: Identify the best Location for the conduct of hearings Agree the Time-frame for finalising the dispute Control the Total cost of the arbitration

Arbitration Benefits

EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE – recognised both under your jurisdiction and internationally EASY TO ORGANISE – once Arbitrator is appointed they act as the dispute manager FLEXIBLE – party-oriented and responsive to their needs CERTAIN – gives final decision CONFIDENTIAL – private process with no public exposure


Mediation is a negotiated settlement, conducted and concluded with the assistance of a neutral third-party. The process is voluntary and does not lead to a binding decision, enforceable in its own right.