Appointment Service

We administer arbitration activities and arrange mediation processes to assist with the resolution of your dispute and maintain a list of Qualified Arbitrators, Nationally Accredited Mediators and Family Dispute Resolvers in Australia.

We can manage it all for you. We will:

  1. arrange a mutually convenient time and venue for the parties and the mediator to meet to conduct the mediation and any  preliminary conferences. With multiple parties, this can quickly become a difficulty of juggling dates, locations and mediators who are then unavailable.
  2. provide telephone or video-conferencing facilities, allowing parties to avoid the “one-day” mediation mentality where everything is crammed into a single day.
  3. contact the parties to organise suitable stages of the dispute resolution process and the selection of the mediator or ADR expert.
  4. arrange for the Mediation Agreement and for the electronic exchange of party documents, position statements and correspondence through our secure Dropbox.
  5. provide notification for the parties and the mediator of all arrangements and administer the successful conclusion of the process.

For assistance with managing your dispute process, contact the or call (02) 9232-9900.