Med & Arb Centre

A dispute resolution story
– Imagine Two Balloons

Two Balloons and two people in them … facing in opposite directions … protected by their position … secure in their own enclosure yet tied together … or held apart by a line between them.

A line of sight … a lifeline … a line of resistance … a line of Conflict.

Under the illusion of their own thought bubble overhead … each person tries to pull the other to their position. But in this floating world, the more they try to pull the more they are pulled … off course and off balance … and brought together.

Pulling too hard could crash them together and plunge each to destruction below.

From above both balloons look exactly the same … each balloon has both a bright and a dark side … but each person sees only one side … yet by moving to a different position they can now see the others’ golden side… the colour of the thoughts change with how you look at them.

Both people share the same view of the common ground below.

The sky above is dark and cloudy and the wind blows unpredictably … out of the darkness the warm glow of the dawn light reveals a horizon of possibilities … behind them the cloud’s silver lining shines on new opportunities.

The line of conflict that connects them is transformed.

It becomes a line of connection and understanding that leads to resolution.

Two Balloons – original artwork by Karen Mason