Mediation & Arbitration Chambers

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Mediation & Arbitration Chambers is the first national dispute resolution practice in Australia to promote and employ integrated mediation and arbitration processes. Our members are a specialist group of independent, legal practitioners from around Australia.

Accredited and experienced, they are skilled at assisting organisations and individuals achieve the resolution of their disputes with flexibility and finality.  They have specialist skills and accreditation as mediators and arbitrators and, in particular, at conducting hybrid conciliation-arbitration and mediation-arbitration processes.

The Med-Arb Blog provides you with information, news, and perspective from the members of the Mediation & Arbitration Chambers. We deal with topics mainly concerning Mediation, Arbitration and Med-Arb (the combined process of mediation and arbitration) of disputes.

For more information, or assistance with identifying a skilled and and experienced mediator or arbitrator to assist with the conduct of your dispute, go to Mediation & Arbitration Chambers website.